GC Initial IQ LP One Lustre Paste Neutral L-N,4g

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Initial IQ LP One Lustre Paste Neutral L-N,4g

Lustre Pastes NF are 3-dimensional ceramic stains developed to bring improved colour depth and lifelike translucency to all ceramics in the GC Initial range. Although developed for the Initial IQ Press-over and Layering systems, Lustre Pastes NF can be used with the complete range of the GC Initial family because they match both ‘low’ and ‘high’ CTE ceramics. Lustre Pastes NF are available in ready-to-use jars and, thanks to the special refreshing and diluting liquids, an optimal consistency of the pastes is always guaranteed. Lustre Pastes NF are based on fine ceramic particles and can be applied in a thicker layer in which they exhibit unsurpassed vitality and create a natural glaze on all restorations.

•   What you see before firing is what you get after firing
•   High fluorescence ensures the look of natural teeth
•   Wide CTE range - between 6.9 and 13.3 - in order to work with nearly all types of ceramic
•   Thixotropic property for easy and precise application
•   Available in convenient ready-to-use jars
•   High wear-resistance


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