Hygitech Sterile Haemostatic Sponge 1x1x1cm Box of 32

Code: HYGI-80210


RRP: £33.25

 The Hygitech Haemostatic Sponge is made of high quality gelatine, highly processed and purified, and delivered in single sterile blister packs


It can be used in various surgical procedures involving haemostasis when the control of bleeding capillaries, veins and arterioles using pressure, ligature and other classical procedures is inefficient or impractical.

Easy to use and malleable, the haemostatic sponge can be cut to fit the bleeding area
As a macro-porous sponge, it is insoluble in water with a rapid absorption capacity equivalent to 40 to 50 times its weight in blood or other liquids.

Biocompatible and non-pyrogenic, it offers good adhesion to the bleeding site promoting the formation of the fibrin network which is essential to efficient coagulation.

Complete resorption in 3-4 weeks

Easy to store, the Hygitech haemostatic sponge is offered in sterile blister packs of 10 or 32.  Each individual sponge is 1x1x1cm.


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